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What-if Simulator

Eliminate the guesswork. The most powerful credit score simulator, CreditXpert What-If Simulator™ includes predefined scenarios for ease of use and custom scenarios for full flexibility. Use CreditXpert What-If Simulator to make informed decisions and uncover new opportunities.

Look before you leap
CreditXpert What-If Simulator lets you see what is likely to happen before you take action. Use its predictive capabilities instead of relying on speculation, intuition, or luck.

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Get answers
Use CreditXpert What-If Simulator to safely test your options. Simulate combinations of your own actions and those identified by CreditXpert Detective™ and CreditXpert Essentials™. Find out if you can raise an applicant's score enough to qualify for an approval or a better rate, so you can make compelling offers and leave your competitors in the dust.

Choose your destiny
CreditXpert What-If Simulator adapts to your needs. Use the rapid rescore mode to mirror the actions available in rapid rescoring services, or use the planning mode to see what the future holds. Planning can help applicants avoid potential missteps before their closing, identify refinance leads, and set declines on a path to recovery.


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