Introducing Credit Radar™ - What you need to know at a glance.

Credit Radar™ is a new cover page to your mortgage credit report that at a glance makes it easier to use than ever before. You'll be able to instantly size-up your loan applicants and spot any critical issues-all without digging through the actual credit report.

Credit Radar™ combines revolutionary credit intelligence and industry best practices into a simple, elegant page that is delivered automatically with every credit report.

Your mortgage credit reports can now include these amazing features:

Mid-score forecast

For the first time ever, you can see a forecast mid- score for each applicant in 30 days so you know if there will be problems at closing or if more options will be available soon.

Mid-score risk

Lets you know if nominal increases in revolving balance will put the mid-score at risk of dropping.

Key Indicators

Tells you if there is something that requires your attention or not.

Fast & Automatic

Since it's a cover page, it gets delivered with your credit reports every time-no additional logins or clicks.

Now Anyone Can Perform Like a Seasoned Pro
Automated credit assessment makes every credit report faster to review, easier to use and more valuable by packing a full range of industry best practices into each report. This powerfully simple technology speeds the application process, increases efficiency and capacity, and helps you close loans quickly and easily.

Ask your credit report provider for Credit Radar™ today.


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