CreditXpert® helps you take control of your credit so you can qualify for more loans and save money.

Credit Where Credit is Due
When you start looking into credit, everyone will tell you that it is important to check your credit reports regularly to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. Do you know what to look for? CreditXpert Detective™ does. By using advanced technology and expert industry knowledge, CreditXpert Detective instantly identifies incorrect, missing, and outdated information. To save you time, it focuses on only the updates that will likely improve your credit. Don't worry about how to proceed, because CreditXpert Detective also includes detailed instructions and a personalized sample letter.

Know the Score
CreditXpert Credit Score & Analysis™ lets you know what your credit quality is, how it compares to others, and which positive and negative factors are impacting it. All of this is explained in detailed, easy-to-understand language that is personalized for you. No jargon, no cryptic industry terms, just plain English, so you know where you are and why.

With CreditXpert® tools at your disposal, you don't have to spend all your time researching how credit works or what steps to take – CreditXpert squashes the learning curve by putting industry insights and expertise at your fingertips.

CreditXpert Credit Wizard™ finds the best actions to take to maximize your credit scores. Just let CreditXpert Credit Wizard know how much money you have available to pay down debt and it identifies the best steps you can take including paying or transferring balances, and opening accounts. CreditXpert Credit Wizard lets you know what you should be striving for and it even provides detailed options to the dollar for you to consider.

Look Before You Leap
CreditXpert What-If Simulator™ lets you see what is likely to happen before you take action. Use it to predict before you plan so you can make informed decisions. Should you apply for the mortgage or the auto loan first? Get another credit card now or later? Can't make all your payments – which one do you miss? Plug into CreditXpert What-If Simulator to see what happens and start making better decisions.